Attending a Massage Institute: Alternative Careers Enter the Mainstream

Therapeutic massage has been in existence as a healing modality since ancient times. Long before people attended a massage institute to learn therapeutic techniques, bodywork was an informal part of the repertoire of physicians, nurses, personal trainers, midwives and many other professionals.

Massage began to emerge as a formalized system of preventative healthcare in the 1950s and 1960s. After several decades of growing acceptance, popularity and recognition, therapeutic massage has emerged as one of the premier preventative healthcare methods.

The field of massage therapy has entered the mainstream, developing into one of the most sought-after career paths. Becoming a licensed massage therapist now requires formal training from an accredited massage institute. Professionals in this field are employed in corporate and medical settings, and entrepreneurs who own their own businesses.

Why Attend a Massage Institute?

Being successful and competitive within the field of massage requires expert preparation and training. An accredited massage institute is equipped to provide that professional instruction, and assist students in becoming ready to take the licensing and certification exams necessary to practice.

Excellence: What to Expect From a Massage Institute

  • Instructors who are passionate about teaching, command a thorough knowledge of their subjects and have a compassionate approach to learning.
  • A philosophy of learning that supports students of all educational backgrounds and ages.
  • Full and part time programs to accommodate students who have the leeway to fully immerse themselves in the learning experience, as well as those who need to balance work and family.
  • An educational program that meets requirements to take state licensing or certification exams.
  • Financial and career planning assistance.

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