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by | Jan 13, 2016 | Jewelry

There are many reasons why diamonds remain so popular. From the beginning of time, the stone has been popularized in myths, tales, and movies. Long ago, priests used diamonds to determine the fate of accused criminals. They thought the stone would turn dark if the person was guilty and glow before an innocent person. Likewise, diamonds have been used to heal people. Indeed, diamonds were thought to cure headaches and heart conditions. Ancient mythology suggested diamonds were the tears of the gods. However, the most popular use for diamonds is engagement rings.

For centuries, only the rich and powerful could afford diamond engagement rings. Historians claim Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to use a diamond for an engagement ring. Today, diamonds come in shapes and sizes that everyone can afford. Find Diamond Jewelers in Auburn MA, and browse until you see the perfect ring. Cormier Jewelers has a wide selection of designer diamond jewelry. Interestingly, it was the discovery of diamonds in South Africa in 1870 that finally brought the price down.

People purchase diamonds based on several factors including the cut. The best diamonds reflect light from one area to another if cut properly. Popular shapes for diamonds include marquise, pear, and round. Stones come in several colors at Diamond Jewelers in Auburn MA. Some people like clear diamonds while others prefer colors. Pink, blue, and green diamonds are very rare. Jewel merchants grade diamonds from clear to light yellow. The differences in color are minimal, so it takes experience to distinguish one from the other. Click here to know more.

Diamonds are also examined for clarity because some stones have tiny flaws. The fewer flaws, the better the clarity. Finally, consumers buy diamonds based on the carat weight. It is important to remember there can be a big difference in price between two one-carat rings. This is because the cut, color, and clarity may be better on one ring than the other. This is why one should buy diamonds from an experienced diamond dealer. They help customers based on what they want, an investment piece of jewelry or a beautiful engagement ring. Do your homework before you go shopping and it will pay off.

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