Adding Value To A Business With Epoxy Floor Coating In Nebraska

Businesses in Nebraska are always looking for ways to provide value-added features in their physical space. For restaurants, retail outlets, warehouses, process and production areas, as well as garages and work areas, adding professional grade epoxy floor coating is an investment in the business.

With quality coatings, this is a long-term solution for heavy traffic areas, including areas that may be exposed to moisture, high humidity, spills or the use of equipment or vehicles. Epoxy is more than just an aesthetic solution to floor coatings and offers several other features of value that are essential for any location.

Non-Skid Surface

With professional quality epoxy floor coating, there is a wide variety of different options for colors, textures and patterns in the coating. A granite-look option is very appealing for everything from a garage to a retail outlet. In addition to the great visual appeal, the coating can also provide a non-skid surface.

This will be important to help improve safety for employees or visitors, allowing for traction on the floors even under wet conditions. This non-skid coating can even be applied to stairs, adding to the safety throughout the building.

Seal for Protection

Concrete flooring, even when cured, is porous and very easy to damage. It is easy to chip or crack, and even water or chemicals can damage the surface very quickly. By applying an epoxy floor coating that seals the surface, the concrete will not absorb any liquids, eliminating concerns of erosion and damage. Objects dropped on the floor are also less likely to cause chips or cracks.

Professional Coating That is Easy to Maintain

For wet Nebraska springs and snowy and damp falls and winters, using an epoxy coating on a floor makes cleanup a breeze. Sweeping dust and debris or mopping with a pH neutral cleaner when needed will keep the floors looking clean and new.

For industrial use, pressure washing the floors is a simple way to quickly clean even large spaces. This will only be required as needed, eliminating the labor-intensive maintenance of other industrial flooring options.

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