Kitchen Cabinet Trends of 2018

Nancy Barbee, of Cabinetry Ideas located in Indianapolis in an article on says the consumer is more knowledgeable today than in the past. They want to go beyond simple when it comes to the design of their kitchen cabinets. They are serious about cabinets as the prized part of the kitchen.

Furniture Grade

Customers want quality cabinets with amenities like pullout waste bins, shelves that pull down, towel racks that slide out, and under-mounted slides on cabinet drawers. While aging clients may request these more often, these are also becoming popular among younger shoppers. Personalization is driving a movement to customize cabinetry to the needs of the consumer. They want their cabinetry as unique as the Hillsboro Lighthouse is to Pompano Beach.

Blending In

Today’s consumers also want their kitchen cabinets and appliances to blend together. Some want their refrigerators and even dishwashers to have cabinet fronts. Wood is still in style and is the choice of 80% of cabinets purchased. While they demand furniture grade quality, they want a casual design.

Aged Appearance

Antique finishes and glazes give a weathered appearance that meets the casual look wanted. A feeling of history goes with an aged look created by white-wash-like finishes combined with a distressed texture down to the hardware. The feel is a marriage between the old and the new. Range-hoods are not immune from the wood tone look and glass fronted cabinets are once again in demand. Housing appliances in a garage gets them off the counter for a neat appearance on the counter top.

Good old fashioned cherry and maple are popular, but new choices such as beech and alder are gaining attention. Green products are also being considered by the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Consumers want to get back to that unique look that’s known by Pompano Beach with its antique lighthouse located in a modern community. A great marriage of the old and the new makes for the modern kitchen design for 2018.

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