Acrylic Roof Coating – the Right Choice for Most Roofs

With so many innovative roof coatings on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose when your roof needs repairing or redoing. First, you need to know what’s on your roof right now. To determine if you should repair a leak or replace your entire roof, you should consult a professional.

Expert Eyes can Detect Issues and Recommend Solutions
Trained roofers can inspect the surface of your roof and identify any potential issues such as water pooling, damage, wear and tear, flashing issues, etc. If you have a water problem, wet or damaged insulation will need to be replaced before you begin any roof repairs.

Roof Coatings Offer the Most Value for Your Roof Investment
Proper maintenance of your roof is an important step in protecting your investment. In the past, if a roof needed repairs, it would be torn off, and a new roof would be installed. Today, several companies offer roof coatings and restoration systems that can fix leaks and roof problems and extend the life of your roof.

Acrylic Coatings Have Many Advantages
acrylic roof coating is one of the most common coatings on the market. The majority of them are water-based, easy to use and eco-friendly. They are reflective and help to cool your roof, saving energy and reducing air conditioning costs. They also have great elastomeric properties, which means they can stretch as temperatures outside rise and fall. They will expand and go right back to their original shape. They are an affordable way to repair leaks as you can apply them directly on existing roof materials.

Application Over an Existing Roof
Another great advantage of an acrylic roof coating is that it can be applied to many types of roof materials—asphalt, single-ply, metal and foam. These roof coatings are often applied using a sprayer, brush or roller, depending on the size of the roof. Before recommending the proper roof coating for your needs, a roofing professional will take into consideration the location of the building, slope of the roof, ponding water, exposure to extreme heat, chemicals or UV rays.

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