Are you preparing to move house?

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Moving Services

It has been said that next to a death in the family and paying taxes moving house is the most stressful time for a family. People dread the thoughts of moving but it does not have to be that way, there are a few things that can be done to make the move go a little smoother and even a pleasant experience. The best way to eliminate stress is to begin the preparation early, don’t put this off till the last minute; the first order of priority is to call Harlingen movers early. If you approach the move with an upbeat attitude and a dose of pragmatism you have won half the battle before you start.

When you are moving there are really only two important issues; one is leaving your old residence and the other is moving into your new home. The process begins in the old home. When a family is moving there is no surprise, most people are given plenty of warning that a move is going to happen. You are wise to take full advantage of every minute, as soon as the move has been confirmed begin to prepare; the longer you wait to do what has to be done anyway the more stress you put yourself under. When you start early you can easily dedicate a little time everyday rather than try to cram all the actions that need to be made into a short time frame.


Moving is an ideal time to rid yourself of all the junk that has accumulated, get rid of everything that is not being used or should be replaced. Take one room at a time and be ruthless, give yourself a couple of good weeks to do the job right.

You will be amazed at what you find. There will be old toys that the children have long grown out of, dishes that you have no intention of ever using and so on. Pack all of this up and call your favorite charity or the Salvation Army or have a big garage sale.

Pack as you go:

You will be well aware of the date and time that the Harlingen movers are scheduled to arrive. While you were de-junking your rooms, you can pack at the same time. The things that are rarely used but important to you, perhaps photos albums for example can be packed at the same time. When you are not in a rush you are not panicked, take time to wrap and pack slowly as when you start early and have a plan you are stress free.
As you finish a room, put the cartons in the corner and the Harlingen movers will load them once they arrive.

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