A Jail Bond in Dekalb County Helps People Charged With a Crime Regain Their Freedom

Being arrested and taken to jail is a terrifying experience for practically everyone. Right from the start, the person tries to figure out how to be released. In some cases, a judge allows this defendant to be released without any bail, a process known as being released on the person’s own recognizance. Otherwise, cash bail will have to be paid or a Jail Bond in Dekalb County obtained for a fee from a licensed provider. Real estate or other valuable property may be accepted as collateral.

How Bail Is Set

For many crimes, bail amounts are set by the jurisdiction and a judge does not weigh in on the matter. For more serious offenses and less common ones, judges are responsible for the decision. People may be released on their own recognizance if they are not viewed as a flight risk, or a danger to themselves or the community. In contrast, a judge may decide not to allow release at all.

A Brief History

Some developed countries no longer have a bail system, but the United States still follows a system set up in the Middle Ages in England. Arrested persons posted cash or property as collateral for their freedom. If they came to all their court dates, the amount would be returned. That was true even if the person was found guilty or admitted guilt in return for reduced charges or a lesser sentence.

How Bail Bonds Work

In today’s world, with so many low-income people unable to afford even relatively small bail amounts, a Jail Bond in Dekalb County helps them regain their freedom. The company posts a surety bond, which guarantees payment of cash bail if the individual does flee. In Georgia, the usual fee for this service is 12 percent of the bail amount if that figure is less than $10,000.

A Controversy

The U.S. Constitution states that a person charged with a crime is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty in court. However, the court system does not know another way to reduce the risk of people running away before the case is over. Someone who needs help posting bail may click here for information on Free at Last Bail Bonds.

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