Signs your Surveillance Camera is Broken

Whether it be an at-home CCTV camera or a high-quality surveillance system for your place of business, security cameras do a lot to keep you and your valuables safe. However, when even one is broken, your business is left with a huge blind spot, especially if it’s around back, where not many people would notice. Luckily, there are telltale signs that one or more of your cameras should be replaced. If you are the owner of a surveillance system in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and want to know these signs, here are the most obvious examples.

#1. Electrified image
This is more commonly referred to as the screen being “fuzzy”. Any good, quality security camera (especially one made today) should have a clear, almost HD image. So when that isn’t what you get, it’s a clear sign of a problem. What might be causing it is if you mounted the camera on a metal surface, which is a really big no-no among the security business. This means that the camera is vulnerable to the electricity that the aforementioned metal surface could potentially conduct. Even if the metal doesn’t conduct outside electricity, if the wires start bleeding, the electricity from them would to the trick the same way.

#2. Burn out from the sun
If the box your camera came in does not explicitly state that it’s safe to use outdoors, then do not mount it outdoors. The sun is a cruel force of nature, to that which is stuck under its rays for long periods of time. That goes double for electronics, because the heat combined with the low level radiation that the sun’s rays give off can short out any device that doesn’t have specific protections put in.

#3. Problems with the power supply
There’s a lot of things that can affect the power supply for your camera, but the most obvious ones will appear as rolling lines on the screen. And since this is a problem with the collective power supply of all of the cameras, it will not take you long to notice this problem, since it will be on every screen. If this happens, it’s best to not handle it yourself, and instead have a professional electrician take care of it, so as to avoid getting electrocuted.

Now that you know the signs of your surveillance cameras being broken, you can now spot the problems as they appear and get out in front of them before something bad happens because of their absence. If you’re currently looking for a surveillance system, you’ll find none better than those that can be found at Tech Solutions.

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