Don’t Put Off DPF Filter Cleaning For Texas Trucks

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Automotive

Diesel drivers in Texas are aware of the importance of maintaining their DPF filters. However, even with top maintenance, it is essential to schedule DPF filter cleaning as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and to ensure your truck or all fleet trucks don’t run over the cleaning schedules.

There are several mistakes that can occur with the DPF filter system maintenance and cleaning issues. The most common for most fleet managers and truckers is the prolonged service intervals. Trying to keep the trucks on the road for a few extra days between cleanings can easily turn into weeks or longer, running the very real risk of unscheduled downtime and much more costly requirements for DPF filter replacement rather than just cleaning.

The Schedule

Depending on the different Original Equipment Manufacturers schedules, the recommendations for DPF filter cleaning will vary. However, even within those recommendations, there is the factor of how the vehicle is being used that needs to be considered.

Long haul trucks on the highway will need less frequent cleaning, usually between 150, 000 -200,000 miles. Medium to heavy-duty trucks that are on shorter delivery routes where there may be a lot of stop and go driving should be cleaned every 100,000-150,000 miles. Finally, vehicles that are heavy duty or that are left idling for a significant amount of time, such as dump trucks or delivery vehicles, may need to have DPF filter cleaning as often as every 50,000 miles or a set number of hours of operation.

Additionally, it will be important for drivers of these trucks to become aware of the codes that will be displayed if there is a problem with the DPF filter. This can save Texas truckers a lot of money by getting their vehicle into a service to have the filter cleaned before additional problems, and system damage occurs.

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