5 Things Your Sydney Termite Control Company Should Provide

Even national corporations and big-name brands sometimes fail in their duties to their customers, so it’s always a good idea to know what you’re getting into before signing up for services with a company. If you’re in need of termite control in Sydney, and doing your homework in advance, verify they provide these five things to ensure you get the best service possible.

1. Free Inspections
If a company asks you to pay for your initial inspection, it should raise some red flags. Even though it costs money to send someone out to look, the bottom line is that it’s good customer service to do it at no charge. From a business standpoint, customer satisfaction should be the number-one concern, and if they aren’t looking out for you from the start, there’s no telling what they’ll do later.

2. A Proven Track-Record
It’s nice when a company can provide testimonials or stories about satisfied customers, but it’s even better when you can verify their reputation from an outside source. Look for reviews online and check their standing with the Better Business Bureau.

3. A Plan-of-Action
If it’s found that your home needs treatment, you deserve to know the details. Many companies will gloss over the details of what they’ve located or where they found it and even fail to inform you of alternative treatment options. A reputable Sydney termite control company will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

4. A Checklist
Even if you know what they came to do, the representative should go over everything with you after treatment as well. Ask them if they provide a checklist of services afterwards, because it helps ensure you’re receiving everything you expect. If they don’t, be sure to make your own or their representative just might leave, only offering you a quick nod or a “Thanks,” with just half the job done.

5. A Guarantee
There’s more involved in coming out and applying treatment. The company’s representatives need to be experts in spotting trouble and in knowing the best application methods. Very few Sydney termite control companies provide any kind guarantee and many of those that do, still don’t provide a comprehensive one. Before you agree to any kind of treatment, or sign a contract, find out how they will follow up if your problem isn’t taken care of the first time.

These things should be standard in the industry, but they’re not. Just about anyone can claim they’ll get the job done, but few stand by their work, provide top customer service, and maintain a solid reputation. As you consider which company is right for you, keep these five things in mind to help ensure you have the best possible service.

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