5 Steps To Easy Furniture Assembly

We’ve all been there. We buy a piece of furniture at the store, knowing full well that we’ll need to assemble it ourselves. No worries, we think; how hard can it be? However, once we get home and try to tackle the project, it turns out that assembling furniture, even with step-by-step instructions, can be harder than we ever thought. But fear not, fellow consumer. We’ve compiled a list of five strategies to make sure that your next furniture assembly project goes without a hitch.

Plan Ahead

One common issue that people face is that the furniture they buy is too big or too small for their space. This problem is especially prevalent when shopping online. Thus, before clicking the “buy” button on that awesome bookshelf, measure your space and make sure that it will fit. Furniture assembly is a fine art, so treat it as such.

Get Your Tools Ready

If furniture assembly is art, then you need the right supplies. Although many Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) pieces come with a wrench or other tool that you need, don’t plan on that being the best option. You should already have a basic toolkit, so make sure that your RTA furniture doesn’t need anything special.

Have Enough Space

When assembling furniture, you need a large, flat space in which to work. If your house is full of clutter, how can you put together your queen-size bed? After measuring your space to ensure the piece will fit, then add several feet (if possible), so you have enough room for furniture assembly.

Lay Out the Pieces

Hopefully, your RTA furniture came with all of the components you need, but in some cases, it may not. You don’t want to be halfway through your furniture assembly and discover that you’re missing a piece. Thus, before you get started, make sure that all parts are accounted for.

Read the Instructions Beforehand

While it may seem straightforward, many people follow the directions as they go, rather than reading through before starting. If you’re an expert craftsman with four hands, then go right ahead. Otherwise, it’s best to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before starting your furniture assembly.

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