The Different Qualities of Bamboo Flooring in Nassau County

Bamboo has dramatically increased in popularity as an environmentally-friendly type of flooring. The biggest reason for this is its rapid growth. It only takes a few years for the material to replenish itself. There are also other benefits to consider when looking at this type of flooring.

While bamboo is really a grass, it is water resistance. This natural resistance to water in Bamboo Flooring in Nassau County is much higher than in other types of hardwood flooring materials. This quality makes it appealing for use in the kitchen. Even though the protective coating is still needed, this resistance makes it less susceptible to some types of water damage. However like other wood floors, a flood may still destroy the bamboo because it is not completely waterproof.

Another quality of bamboo is the hardness of the material. This hardness quality is gained during the harvesting and manufacturing process. If this process is done correctly, the bamboo can be as hard or harder than other types of wood. Woven bamboo can be especially strong. Bamboo should not be carbonized in the process since this will result in a softer finishing. Carbonization is the process by which bamboo obtains a much darker color.

The natural color of Bamboo Flooring in Nassau County is also something to consider. While carbonization can create darker shades, the natural light tan color is seen as an asset for different styles. One of the biggest trends utilizing bamboo in its style is the all white kitchen theme. The bamboo adds that light color that compliments the light and brightness of the white cabinets and counter tops. While this is the current trend, the flooring can support both modern and antique kitchen styles. Stick with the lighter tan colors to ensure that the hardness of the material is retained.

Bamboo floors have many qualities that make it an appealing choice for flooring. It is naturally more water resistant than other materials, it can also be very hard which increases the durability of the flooring and the light color can enhance many different styles. For more information on this type of flooring, check out our website.

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