Finding Quality Orthodontists in Westchester County, NY

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Dental Health

An orthodontist is a specially trained specialist who corrects teeth and jaw alignment. Since the teeth are not aligned properly, the patient cannot properly clean their teeth. This can lead to other diseases and tooth decay. Orthodontists in Westchester County NY can fix alignment problems, bettering the patient’s oral health.

There are several teeth alignment issues that many suffer from. Overbite is a condition where the top row of teeth is too far over the bottom row of teeth. Underbite is the exact opposite of overbite. In this condition, the patient’s bottom row of teeth is too far forward. Crossbite is the condition where the top row of teeth does not come slightly over the bottom row. An open bite consists of spacing in the teeth rows when the teeth come together. Spacing is when the teeth placement is too far apart, causing the patient to have gaps. Finally, crowding is when there is not enough space between the teeth. Since each alignment issue varies, an orthodontist will be able to determine which one you have and recommend the course of treatment that needs to be considered.

When someone has alignment issues, the teeth are not properly cleaned. This can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and stress on the chewing muscles. However, alignment issues are able to be fixed through dental appliances. These appliances consist of braces, retainers, maintainers, aligners, and headgear. Different types of teeth alignment disorders require different types of dental appliances. Orthodontists in Westchester County NY are able to determine which solution would be best for the patient. The most common dental appliance that patients receive is braced because they are able to treat a variety of alignment issues.

To determine if you are in need of an orthodontist, your regular dentist will be able to assist you. The dentist will perform special exams, take x-rays, and make molds of your teeth. From there, they will be able to determine if you are in need of an orthodontist. If it is determined that you have alignment issues, an orthodontist like Anthony DeBenedictis D.D.S. will determine your course of treatment.

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