4 Signs You Have a Problematic Transmission System

Neglecting signs of transmission problems can land you in a lot of trouble. Having a faulty tranny repaired can cost you more than paying for engine repairs. If you want to save on high repair bills, then know the signs. When you encounter any of the following, make sure you drive your car over to a reputable shop for transmission repair in Chicago.

Grinding or shaking in gear

If your automatic transmission system works perfectly fine, then you shouldn’t need to worry about experiencing any grinding or slipping or shaking sensations whenever you need to switch gears. If it keeps happening, though, no, your car isn’t possessed. It could be a sign of a bad tranny, though.

Low transmission

If you just topped off your transmission fluids, but the levels are already low, then your system may have a leak. Check the fluid lines. Punctures along the lines or worn down transmission pan gaskets could lead to leaks, Do It Yourself says. If the bolts aren’t secured properly or the seals are loose, that’s going to create leaks as well.

Engine light is on

If your Check Engine light is on, then that’s a sign that you should bring your car in for a check. The light doesn’t always mean there’s something seriously wrong with your car. But since it covers a multitude of possibilities, it’s better safe than sorry. Bring the car over to a shop for transmission repair in Chicago and get to the bottom of the problem right way. The sooner you get the problem fixed, the fewer repair costs that will amount to.

Burning smell

A burning smell is something you should be concerned about. If it issues from under your hood, that could be caused by a leak. You’ll want to get your car to a mechanic and repair service you trust. Need towing services along with the repairs? Contact S-O-S Transmissions. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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