4 Important Questions to Ask Your Prospective SEO Expert in Colorado Springs

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Web Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of the implementation of strategies and techniques to optimize a website such that it ranks high in search engine results, including Google and other search engines. One of the most important aspects of good SEO is high quality, relevant and substantive content. Also important are the ways in which your site is networked across the World Wide Web through associated links.

In order to achieve the above desired results of higher rankings as well as increasing traffic flow to your site, a recommended idea is to hiring an SEO expert. Colorado customers, however, should first make some evaluations of top prospects by asking them some important questions. Below are some those questions:

What are the SEO strategies and tactics you implement?
First, find out if your prospective SEO expert provides both on-page and off-page optimization services. Both are very important and play a significant role in overall search engine ranking results. As well, ask the company whether white hat SEO techniques alone will be used. White hat SEO involved legitimate strategies and tactics to optimize website content, build links and increase traffic. Black hat techniques on the other hand should not be used and are not looked upon kindly by Google and can potentially get your site penalized in the search engines.

What type of success do you guarantee?
The answer to this question is important. Even though the provider may offer a legitimate guarantee of certain results, be cautious about over enthusiastic claims. SEO is not an instant process – good SEO takes time to develop. So the claims and goals should be realistic.

Do you provide mobile web optimization?
The answer to this question must be yes. A very large percentage of website traffic as well as marketing and sales takes place on mobile platforms – including cell phones and tablets. The SEO expert must be able to make your website mobile friendly – otherwise you will be forfeiting a very important segment of the marketplace.

What are your costs and timeframe for the work?
This is an important question for all the obvious reasons. You do want to know the costs, so you can factor it into your budget. Be sure to have a clear layout of the costs (per month) as well as the timeframe involved when each service is to be implemented.

Additional questions may come to mind as well. However, these are just 4 of the important questions that should receive a clear and concise answer when you are evaluating SEO experts.

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