Is Professional Cleaning for Diamond Jewelry in Worcester, MA Necessary?

There are all sorts of tips for cleaning Diamond Jewelry in Worcester MA without the aid of a professional. In some instances, those tips will work just fine. At other times, it does make sense to take the jewelry to a professional. Here are a few examples when the smart thing to do is forget about the tips for home cleaning and seek help from a pro.

Family Heirlooms

When the Diamond Jewelry in Worcester MA has been passed down through several generations, the metals used for the pieces may or may not be comparable to what is used in newer pieces. Many of the tips for home cleaning are geared toward pieces produced in the last couple of decades. Instead of running the risk of using the wrong cleaning compound and causing damage to a treasured family heirloom, take it to a local jeweler. It won’t take long to determine if the jewelry can be cleaned using one of those methods or if utilizing a certain product will preserve the integrity of the piece.

Fragile Pieces

Some jewelry is designed so that the pieces are petite and somewhat fragile. Why attempt to clean those pieces at home if it could mean loosening a diamond or damaging the setting in some way? A professional can examine the piece and know what type of cleaning methods and equipment will do the job without causing any harm.

Costly Jewelry

It’s one thing to clean a diamond ring that was purchased at a discount jewelry shop using products purchased over the counter. When the jewelry happens to be an expensive piece made by one of the finest jewelers in the country, taking some extra care is a smart move. Having the piece cleaned by a professional will ensure the market value of the piece is not adversely affected. It also means the care taken with the cleaning will leave the piece looking as if it was just removed from a display case.

When in doubt, the wisest course of action is to take the diamond jewelry to Cormier Jewelers and have a professional make an assessment. If professional cleaning is needed, it can be arranged without any delay.

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