First Aid Training: Making The Workplace Safer

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Safety Equipment Supplier

If an accident happens in the workplace in the State of Illinois, the natural response is to call 911. While emergency services can arrive quickly and prevent a tragedy, this is not always the case. In many instances, the potential risk for damage can be reduced by the administration of some form of first aid. Training of employees for such instances is essential if an employer wants to keep the employees safe.

What Exactly Is First Aid?

If someone is injured or sick, the initial steps taken on site are called first aid. Various medical situations can benefit from this approach. This is why training in the area requires specific information on how to handle a certain medical emergency as well as a broader understanding of general procedures and situations. Someone trained in first aid can assess the current medical situation and then make a decision as to whether it is necessary to enforce appropriate measures and/or call for emergency help.

Job Site First Aid

Accidents happen on job sites with alarming frequency. The severity of an injury and even death can be averted if employees are prepared. This extends beyond access to a first aid kit. It requires that one or more employees receive first aid training from a reputable professional company. When this happens, the chances of survival without injury or fatality on site increase by as much as 50% but, realistically closer to 20%.

Training for job site injuries can vary according to the type of working environment. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for heart attack victims and abdominal thrusts to assist choking victims are two common types of first aid taught by instructors. Options that may be part of different work environments, including construction sites in Illinois may focus on:

 * Medical emergencies e.g. heart attack, stroke, seizures
 * Minor medical conditions e.g. mild allergic reaction, nosebleed
 * Environmental injuries e.g. bee or insect stings, frostbite, heat exhaustion, poison ivy sunburn
 * Traumatic injuries e.g. burns, cuts, internal injuries, puncture wounds, shocks, sprains, strains
 * These all present situations when knowing some form of first aid can prove to be invaluable.

First Aid Training

It does not matter whether you and your employees operate in a low or high hazard environment. Every day, they face a certain number of risks. It is up to employers to reduce or at least mitigate the risk as much as possible. One way Illinois companies can accomplish this it to ensure their employees receive first aid training. This allows them to respond immediately, efficiently and effectively to any medical situation.

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