3 Factors To Consider When Hiring A CNC Machining Company

Too often an OEM works with a service provider based on price, convenience or a prior relationship in a past project. While these are important considerations, failing to shop around and understand the options in various machining companies can result in simply settling for a machining service rather than finding a top-quality service.

When choosing a CNC machining company, think of the process as similar to developing a partnership. With this perspective, completing due diligence and finding out about the company becomes a priority, but it also ensures the company selected will be a good match for your machining requirements.

Company Reputation

The reputation of a CNC machining company is an important factor for any OEM to consider. A company with the lowest quote on a project is never the best choice if they have a reputation for late order delivery, defective parts or problems in filling orders due to limited production capacity.

Choosing a company with a top reputation for working with the needs of the customer, providing 100% quality control parts and components, and staying to all delivery requirements is always the best choice.

Quality Control in Place

Even if the OEM is not producing medical, aerospace, oil and gas or components for the energy industries, using an ISO 9001 certified company is always a plus. These machining companies have committed to undergoing a full quality control audit and work to specific standards.

This ensures precision machining of parts and components combined with a commitment to ongoing quality control management.

Additional Services

When considering any CNC machining company, look to the additional, secondary or value-added services offered. Part assembly, finishing, deburring, engraving, prototyping and additional fabrication services such as welding and bending can all be of value to the OEM.

Taking a close look at how the machining company adds to the development of parts and components does take a bit of time, but it is the only way to ensure the right matching in CNC machining providers.

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