Obvious Signs That a Root Canal May be Your Only Answer

Accepting that you may need a root canal to deal with your oral issue might be scary. This is an operation after all, which makes it vital that the root canal Chicago is taken care of by an experienced oral specialist. You might not have another way to deal with your oral issues, especially if you are experiencing the following symptoms.

Severe Toothache

Those who are experiencing a severe toothache probably need a root canal. The bacteria has penetrated several layers of your tooth and is probably affecting the root, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The pain usually gets worse when you chew or when you apply pressure to the infected area.

Prolonged Sensitivity

You may need to consider a root canal Chicago if you experience pain after being exposed to hot or cold temperatures. The pain will likely stay in the affected area for some time, even when the cold or hot item is removed from your mouth.

Major and Painful Swelling

Another sign of a problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible is if you see swelling. The swelling is likely due to the infected area and is probably painful. Keep in mind that swelling like this may trigger inflammation in other places around your body. This is something that those who suffer from arthritis should pay attention to because this problem could exasperate your arthritis.

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