3 Best Ways to Find a Hair Salon

The right haircut is essential to capturing who you are, to showing the world your style, your taste. That’s not so easy to pull off, though, if you haven’t got a talented hair stylist by your side. Here’s how you can find the best hair salons in Mission Viejo to give you the best cut and style every single time:

Word of mouth referrals

These are gold and they often work. After all, word-of-mouth referrals are unlikely to spread unless the skill of the hair stylist is truly first-rate. So whenever you see a style you like, don’t be afraid to get the name of their stylist.

Have a friend, family or simply see someone on the street with the cut you’ve always wanted? Don’t forget to ask for a name, InStyle points out.

Give it a try

No matter the research you do online or how much you look around, it all boils down to this: that first appointment is the moment of truth. When you step inside the salon, you’re emotionally prepared for a new look and style, you’re ready for the new you.

You’ll know soon enough if you’ve got the right look and thus, found the hair salon that’s finally right for you or if you should keeping looking elsewhere.

Book a Spa Day

If you want to go for the whole package—hair and make-up—then book a spa day with pals and see what the staff comes up with. Just remember never book on the day of an event, though. Don’t take the risk of coming to a party or celebration straight out of a hair salon you’ve tried for the first time.

You could end up with a bad cut and awful makeup with little to no time to remedy the situation. Book sessions well in advance of your party dates to give you time to pick the right salon for you.

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