Top Reasons To Buy Refurbished Patient Monitors Over New

Today, more than ever, medical facilities are trying to do more with less, particularly when it comes to replacing equipment. Commonly used equipment such as patient monitors can really take a beating and often need to be replaced more frequently than the larger, specialized type of equipment that is only infrequently used.

One way that medical facilities are using to save on the cost of these essential equipment needs is to turn to refurbished patient monitors instead of new equipment. The good news is that these monitors are tested and verified as in good working order, and they offer a range of benefits that equal that of new monitors while only costing a fraction of the new equipment price.

Wide Selection in One Location

One advantage of buying refurbished patient monitors through a medical company specializing in imaging and cardiovascular equipment and accessories is that there will be several brands and multiple options in models all in one location.

For online buyers, this provides the opportunity to compare, literally side-by-side on the same website, the features, functions and advantages of different equipment. There may also be the option for rental of some of the monitors, which allows facilities to try out different models and options before making a purchase.

Keep in mind that refurbished doesn’t mean old technology. It may be possible to find the latest in patient monitors through a refurbished medical equipment provider. With the cost savings, it may be possible to have a combination of the newest and slightly older models and upgrade more of your existing inventory than was originally in the budget.

Better Value

By choosing refurbished over new, it is possible to choose a later model or a higher rated patient monitor over what your budget would allow if you were purchasing new. These monitors are rebuilt with OEM parts and to OEM standards, and they will have a warranty from the medical supply company.

This provides the buyer with parts and labor costs for the length of the warranty on any refurbished patient monitors, which is often one year for a standard warranty and up to an additional 18 months with an extended warranty.

It is important to choose the company for the refurbished medical equipment carefully. Look for an established medical refurbishing company with a solid reputation, excellent warranty program and with the selection of imaging and cardiovascular equipment your facility needs.

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