3 Best Reasons to Get Your Pooch in a Doggie Day Care

If there’s one thing that makes pet owners soft, it’s that hopeful gleam in your dog’s eyes every morning when he thinks you’re going to spend all day throwing those tennis balls or going for a long walk until you get to the door and he realizes he’s going to spend the entire day alone at home. Feel guilty for leaving your pet alone while you go off to work? You might want to start putting him in a doggie day care in Madison WI instead. Here’s why:


If your dog is cooped up at home all day, he’s not going to get the daily exercise he needs. If you want your pooch healthy and fit, putting him in a good and reputable day care like Aunt B’s Pet Resort and Spa means endless opportunities for play and exercise, says The Modern Dog Trainer.


Don’t want your dog lonely at home? Putting him in a doggie day care means he’ll get to play and develop bonds with his canine pals. Since lonely dogs tend to act out—they’re most likely to chew on or scratch furniture. This is a healthy way to keep your dog busy.


While it’s ideal to go home on the dot and have plenty of time to walk your dog, overtime and rush deadlines could happen. When they do, the last thing you want is to worry about your dog because he’s been cooped up at the apartment for hours. If you don’t like the thought of trying to beat all those red lights in a mad rush to get home, pick a dog day care that offers dog boarding services as well. This way, if you need to stay at work all night and into the next morning, you won’t have to worry about your dog being left to his own devices at home.

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