Do You Need the Services of a Paternity Lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA?

While the subject of biology defines paternity in basic terms, the law regards paternity with much more complexity. According to the law, any legal discovery of paternity indicates that a “legal” father is accountable for the support of his child or children. If a man does not uphold this tenet, the law can intercede to make sure this obligation is upheld.

Establishing Paternity

In the state of Iowa, paternity may be determined through marriage, a DNA test, or by way of an affidavit. To establish paternity then, the matter is generally brought before the court. If you talk to a paternity lawyer in Cedar Rapids, IA, he or she will add that the legal father is not always considered the biological parent.

Support Is Still Made Mandatory – Even in Cases Where a Man Is Not the Biological Father

If a woman is married but has a baby by a man who is not her husband, her husband is considered the legal father. So, if this same woman separates from her husband and requests child support, he must pay the obligation. A paternity lawyer can further elaborate about these types of cases so a client can see where he stands with respect to his family’s welfare.

Contact a Lawyer if Your Paternity is Being Questioned

A paternity lawyer is often consulted too when paternity testing is ordered. If you do not respond to the court about your paternity test, the judge, in turn, will enter a default judgment. In this case, you will be required to pay child support. By your lack of a response, the legal system considers your silence as an affirmation that you are indeed the father in a paternity case.

If you do receive a notice about establishing paternity, review your case with knowledgeable attorneys. You can find out more information online and seek further details by accessing such websites as Many issues can be triggered when paternity is sought or when it is established. Therefore, make sure you are properly represented.

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