Your Social Security Disability Claim

Have you been hurt on the job and now you are unable to work? Do you have a psychological impairment? Are you ill? Perhaps you have already applied for social security disability and now you have been denied benefits. It is very important to contact a Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City.

There are two types of disability insurance. You can obtain SSI if you do not have the necessary work credits or SSDI, if you or a close relative has paid into the system to have the necessary work credits. Sometimes, children are eligible for benefits based upon their parents’ earnings and their respective disabilities.

It can be difficult to maneuver the Social Security Disability system alone. Over seventy-five percent of disability claims are denied upon initial application. Majority of the time, only individuals with specified diseases obtain benefits upon initial application.

The Social Security Administration considers a person disabled if that person is unable to work for a year in addition to other impairments. Moreover, your file will be scrutinized to determine if you can find other suitable employment. Your age, skills, and education level will also be evaluated to determine continued benefits.

A Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City will help you complete the intensive Social Security disability application. The disability lawyer will review your paperwork for completeness and routine errors. His team of specialists understand how to read complex medical records and complete difficult interrogatories.

The Grundy Disability Group LLC will work with you to make sure you visit all pertinent specialists and provide all necessary documentation. We will assist you in filing the initial application and the standard appeal with the administrative judge. As necessary, we will also file the federal appeal on your behalf. The standard attorney fees will be deducted from your disability benefits. Please visit our website at

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