Cardboard Headsets Are a Powerful, Affordable VR Hack

It’s high-tech meets low-tech. One of the best ways to get into a high-quality virtual reality experience is to use cardboard. A set of foldable, popup virtual reality cardboard makes it happen at a rock-bottom cost. When paired with a smartphone, cardboard VR can go anywhere. They’re lightweight, durable and add amazing production value to video content.

In the event you’re not clued into this simple but brilliant VR hack, a virtual reality cardboard set are lenses mounted in a cardboard frame that fit snuggling over a smartphone. To take advantage of this platform, users run compatible applications or just watch videos.

Some people choose to build these headsets from scratch using a pattern than can be downloaded from the internet, but the low cost of purchasing them with lenses is an attractive and perhaps best option.

A favorite use for many is viewing YouTube videos or movies in VR. It turns an ordinary viewing experience into an immersive multidimensional thrill.

Many companies have adapted the virtual reality cardboard concept for use as an affordable promotional product. They can be offered to customers as a premium, freebie or low-cost extra. Better yet, the frames can be custom designed with graphic and logos to personalize them as promotional and advertising products.

An Internet search will lead those who want to take advantage of cardboard VR devices to suppliers who will custom design them to spec. Keep in mind that not all cardboard VR goggles are created equal. The most important element are the lenses. These range from high quality to low, so chose wisely.

Taking advantage of VR capability to market products via cardboard sets is a fantastic way to enhance a video experience that creates a superior participation event. It transforms a flat, 2D viewing into an immersive 3D fully-relational involvement that delivers powerful impact.

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