Your Questions Answered About Macular Degeneration in Palm Beach Gardens

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Eye Care Center

To combat macular conditions in people over 60 years old, sometimes a surgery known as a vitrectomy is performed. This surgery may be recommended for people whose vision is distorted by macular holes.

Therefore, one of the conditions that results from macular degeneration in Palm Beach Gardens is a macular hole. The hole is formed when there is a small break in an eye’s macula. The macula itself is yellowish oval area near the fovea – a small depression in the eye’s retina.

The field of vision center is focused in this area. In some instances, a macular hole can cause the retina to become detached. If the retina becomes detached, it is considered an emergency – or a condition that requires immediate therapy.

How Macular Holes Develop

Macular holes are a form of macular degeneration associated with aging. As people age, the vitreous of the eye, which is a jelly-like substance, gradually begins to pull away from the retina’s surface. If too much tension results, the retina will tear and produce a hole.

This type of macular degeneration can also be related to certain vision disorders such as nearsightedness, a macular pucker, or retinal detachment. Diabetic retinopathy, or an eye injury, can also trigger a macular hole to from.

Some of the Symptoms

The symptoms associated with the formation of a macular hole can vary. For example, patients may have blurred vision or have trouble reading small or fine detailed printing. Some patients may experience a blind spot or a gray area at the vision’s center.

How a Vitrectomy Is Performed

While macular holes can seal themselves, surgery can still help its vision improve. That is when a vitrectomy is suggested. During the procedure, the vitreous gel is removed to keep the substance from pulling on the retina. A bubble that contains gas and air replaces the gel. The bubble acts as a protectant, holding the macular hole’s edge in place while the eye heals.

Where to Go Online for Further Details

To find out more about macula holes, look at today for further details and information.

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