Buying a Used Car: a Handy Guide

There are plenty of reasons to buy a used car as opposed to a new one. They’re cheaper, for one thing, not just for initial cost, but also for insurance, taxes, depreciation, and registration. And since cars only get better and more reliable with each passing year, the risk that once existed with used cars basically no longer exists. So, the questions remaining is: how do you go about buying one? Believe it or not, there actually is a process you should follow in order to ensure the best experience when buying a used car. So, if this is your first time looking for cheap used cars in Toronto ON, here is a short, handy guide to buying a used car.

#1. Set the budget

The first step, of course, is to determine how much money you can afford to spend in the first place. Take a good hard look at your monthly and yearly income, how much money you regularly have coming in from your job or other sources. Next, decide how much you’re willing to spend. You may have a lot of money coming in at once, but what about your rent? Or any monthly subscriptions you may have? And what about the money you’re putting away for a rainy day? All these factors and more will turn what was once a big load of cash into a much more modest amount.

#2. Locate and choose your car

The next big step is finding the car you want. This is incredibly simple thanks to the internet, which allows you to browse every website of every dealership out there right now. Finding the right car for you has never been easier. And if you feel that’s not the best way to find a car you want, then just find a dealership close to you and browse the car lot yourself. Either way will lead you to the car you want in no time.

#3. Negotiate

Now for the big part; talking to the dealer. This includes looking over the car, going over its history, taking the car on a test drive, and finally, laying down the final deal. How long this part takes you is all about how you handle the paperwork and the payment. Handle it right, and you should be in and out in one or two days at most.

But if you’d rather skip part 2 and find a great dealership to start with, then you can’t go wrong with Eli Motors.

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