Your Fire Extinguishers Are Your First Line of Defense; Are Yours Protected?

by | May 2, 2017 | Safety Equipment Supplies

When you consider ways that employees and visitors will be protected when a fire breaks out in your property, the first line of defense will be the use of fire extinguishers which must be prepared to be used. Being ready means having your extinguishers regularly inspected as part of your fire extinguisher services in Iowa.

Fire Extinguishers Give You Valuable Time
Trained individuals will know which fire extinguisher to use on the specific type of fire that they are presented with. They will be able to extinguish very small fires and stop them increasing to become an emergency that will require evacuation of your premises and the fire department to attend. By organizing efficient fire extinguisher services in Iowa, each extinguisher will be properly tested and inspected regularly and offer you and your employees the confidence that they will work perfectly when called upon.

What Happens During an Inspection?
By choosing an extremely professional company that provides fire extinguisher services in Iowa, they will perform a visual inspection which will check the dates, gauges and the cylinders. A physical inspection will check the weight of the unit and provide advisement about the quality of the hoses and seals. Finally, they will tag the unit and verify its location and the date of the inspection.

For companies, this ensures that you stay compliant with the necessary laws, rules, and regulations. More importantly, it means the equipment will be ready and able for use while meeting your insurance requirements.

When employees understand that the equipment is being tested regularly, this promotes safety in their mind and reminds every person of their responsibilities to report any potential problems as soon as they are noticed to help keep the entire organization is safe as possible in all circumstances.

Monthly inspections, annual maintenance, and any other necessary diagnostics will be performed by qualified professionals.

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