5 Things to Consider Before Adding Decks to Your Home

Decks can provide you with just the right hangout spot outdoors. Adding one onto your property, though, could be a bit of an undertaking. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider before you look for contractors who can install decks in Redmond:

Your purpose

Know why you’re doing it. Do you just want an outdoor space? Or do you have something specific in mind? That’s going to affect how you plan the design of the space. If you want room for entertaining people, just hanging around or a deck where you could grill those barbeques, your plans will revolve around that. Whether for single or multipurpose-use, know what you what before you proceed.

Deck or patio?

Some house structures work better with patios and others with decks. Consult with reliable contractors for decks in Redmond and find out which one is a much better fit for your home. In some cases, you could combine the two. Talk to your contractors to know if that arrangement is possible.


How will you get to the deck? If you already have a handy door that could lead to the deck area, then good for you. However, in some houses, contractors would need to build a door in the wall. That could drastically increase costs, though. You and your contractors could look for other ways to resolve this issue, though.


You’ll want a deck to match the current style and architecture of your home, says Fox News. Make sure you hire a contractor who understands that and has the training and know-how to make that happen. Check credentials, experience and past work with clients to get a solid gauge on whether you’re hiring the right contractor or not.


You could go for either wood or composite decks. Know which one suits your needs and budget better.

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