You’ll Need a TLC Renewal Class in Nassau, NY

by | May 22, 2024 | Driving Schools

All TLC-licensed drivers are obligated to receive continuing education throughout their careers. This additional TLC renewal class in Nassau, NY, provides practical training refreshers to TLC-licensed drivers. These refresher courses improve the quality of TLC drivers, enhancing safety and customer service.

If it’s your first time renewing, we’ve gathered everything you’ll need to know before attending a TLC renewal course in Nassau, NY.

90 Days

If your TLC license is going to expire in 90 days, it’s time to book your renewal classes. Most renewal classes will only take a few days, so you have plenty of time to complete them. Remember, once your license expires, you will no longer lawfully be allowed to drive passengers, so it’s essential to be proactive about renewing your license. If you fail to make the 90-day cutoff and don’t want to drive illegally, you can contact the TLC for an extension, but you will incur a fine.

Where and How Much?

You must complete your TLC renewal class in Nassau, NY, from a TLC-authorized education provider. Costs vary between providers. You are responsible for covering the price, so plan accordingly. Your educational provider will send notice of your course completion to the TLC, which will then add it to your license profile.

Hands-On Training with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Renewal courses require hands-on training in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. There are no exceptions for those unable to physically complete this section of coursework.

As Long as You Work

You will have to complete TLC renewal education every time your license expires for as long as you are using your TLC licensure.

Don’t let 90 days slip by without completing your TLC renewal class in Nassau, NY. Contact AA Driver Training Center for all of your TLC licensing needs.

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