All You Need to Know About TLC Licenses in NYC, NY

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Driving Schools

To better manage transport in New York City, leaders created the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), which has been in operation since 1971. The following will explore the TLC license in NYC, NY, and why it’s crucial for residents and visitors who use transportation services.

What Is a TLC Driver’s License

A TLC license is a special license drivers obtain to conduct ride-hailing services in the city, like

  • Black cab
  • Green Taxi
  • Yellow taxicab
  • Limousine

Obtaining a TLC license is more challenging than getting a regular driving license, as it is for commercial use.

Who Needs a TLC License

Anyone seeking to operate for-hire vehicles within New York City must have a TLC license, including all passenger vehicles that start or end their journey inside the state of New York. Consequently, if you are planning to pass through New York while ferrying paying passengers, you will need to review the TLC guidelines.

Why Is the TLC License Important?

A TLC license in NYC, NY, acts as a professional document that indicates you have the requisite skills to transport people. It builds trust with customers and cab-hailing companies, protecting customers by examining an applicant’s driving, credit, and criminal history.

In addition, all applicants must undertake a TLC-approved safety course, improving a driver’s skill on the road.

Do you want to get a TLC license in NYC, NY, and join the lucrative taxi-hailing industry? Stop by the AA Driver Training Center.

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