You Can Rent Fashion Runways!

You can put on a professional looking runway show by renting fashion runways! Fashion shows are a great way to show off your own line, raise money of charity, host a fun school event and for so many other reasons. You want your event to take on a polished look and a runway can certainly do that.

Why Rent A Runway?
Whether this is a professional event to showcase your own line or it is a fun charity event to raise funds for your favorite charity you want to be able to set the stage for the event. Creating a runway across the floor does not really add that professional air to the event. Runways offer a:

  • Center stage for your event
  • Make the fashion show seem more legitimate
  • Can help to cordon off certain areas of the venue

Setting the stage for any event is important because it gives your guest a little foreshadowing of what is too come. A runway stage makes it easier to showcase the line because it is raised up from the floor. It makes the entire event seem a bit more legitimate. It is also a great way to convince donors at a charity event that you are serious about the charity.

Models are safer on a runway than they are walking around on the floor where people can easily bump them or get in the way of the show. The Fashion Runways put a bit of a barrier between the models and the audience which can help to keep everyone safe.

It’s Cost Effective
Renting a runway is cost effective. It can easily fit into any budget and make the entire event a success. Setting the stage for your next fashion show should include a runway. Gallagher Staging is a great source for your staging needs!

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