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by | Jun 9, 2016 | Industrial Goods and Services

It’s 11:50, the middle of the work day, and suddenly the rotor on number three vertical mill has seized up. The loss of even one of these machine tools is going to set back production schedules if it remains offline too long. The company cannot afford the downtime imposed by a faulty piece of equipment which is slowing up the line. So that machine has to be put back in good working order as soon as possible.

Problems will crop up on the production line which can seriously hamper output. That’s when it helps to be able to call upon professional Machine Services in Pascagoula Mississippi which can respond to any service call quickly. A team of ISO 9001:2008 certified technicians can be dispatched to the plant within an hour to assess the problem and determine what repair is necessary.

Bringing a mobile machine shop with them, the service technicians can perform most repairs on site. This reduces downtime to a considerable degree by not having to wait for the part to come back from the machine shop. The machining trucks have the necessary equipment to enable the service technicians to carry out line boring work, welding, milling, and machining. They can fabricate the replacement part, apply high-velocity coating to protect the part, install it, and carry out a full inspection and testing of the unit to guarantee that it can return to normal function. Most often, a malfunctioning unit on the line can be brought back into service that same day, with only a minimal loss of production time involved. And reduction of downtime makes a huge difference when it comes to the schedule.

Sometimes, a machine part will have to be fabricated in the main shop. Fortunately, providers of Machine Services in Pascagoula Mississippi also have available for industrial customers the services of a full-scale fabrication shop operating day and night. The shop can handle any large scale job which cannot be done at the plant. The new part is delivered and installed, with all inspections carried out, and the line is back in next business day as if nothing had gone wrong.

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