Would You Like Windows That Practically Clean Themselves?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have windows that almost clean themselves? Window washing is definitely not a favorite pastime when it comes to cleaning your home. Now you can enjoy windows that are practically self-cleaning. The solution is NEAT glass windows. NEAT glass is a coating that’s applied to glass while it is being produced. It reduces the need for frequent cleaning of exterior windows. The coating itself is activated via sunlight which breaks down dust, airborne particles and other organic materials. The result is a cleaner glass surface. Contact a home improvement company for NEAT glass windows in Brampton to get started with one of the best home improvements today.

Enjoy Solar Activated Windows

Are you ready to add a unique element to your home? Are you sick and tired of cleaning your windows only to have them look dirty a few days later? With specialty glass options such as NEAT glass you can enjoy cleaner windows that are solar activated. You can still choose from many different eye-catching styles and colors that have beautiful accents, as well. There are many options available and you can have the windows of your choice installed when you use the expert services of a home improvement company that offers NEAT glass.

Have Your Windows Custom Color Matched

It’s important for your windows to match the exterior décor of your home. You can have them custom color matched to ensure that they will look spectacular. Existing décor can be matched while your new windows have finishes of polyurethane acrylic paint that is fade and weather-resistant. Just imagine not having to clean your windows as often as you did in the past. You can devote that extra time to your family! Let the professionals handle all of the hard work while you enjoy all of the benefits.

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