Choosing a Fertilizer Applicator

One of the best things you can do for your farming operation is to choose a fertilizer applicator that is well-suited to meet your needs. The best way to choose a fertilizer applicator for your operation is to make sure that you have a nice selection to choose from and more importantly the right advice to help you to make the choice.

The Selection
It can be hard to find a distributor that offers more than one reliable brand but it is necessary. You want to be able to have multiple options that will work for your farm. Look for an equipment dealer that offers:

  • Different brands
  • Different sizes
  • Different price points

Of course, you also want to work with a distributor that knows the industry and that can help you to make a choice that is going to be best for your operation. When you are choosing, an applicator consider the following and discuss it with the distributor to get some valuable feedback:

  • How big is your operation?
  • What is your budget?
  • What equipment are you currently using?

The size of your operation plays a crucial role in the size of the applicator that you are going to need to get the job done. How much of a machine can you afford? The right distributor will have options that fit in with your budget. Let the distributor know what equipment you are currently using and how it has worked out for you. By sharing some information with the distributor, they will be able to better guide you to the right selection.

Get More Information
Expert input can help you to save yourself some time in making your choice. Fennig Equipment is a good source for your farming equipment including applicators. You can get the information you need to make an informed decision.

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