Would Hormone Therapy In Jackson, MI Be The Best Treatment For Your Hot Flashes?

Menopause is a very uncomfortable experience for many women. Hot flashes and mood swings make life miserable. Hormone Therapy in Jackson MI can help to alleviate the symptoms of menopause for some women.

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is used to replace the female hormones that the body stops producing after menopause. At one time, hormone therapy was also believed to help prevent some other ailments, including heart disease. Concern about possible risks, however, caused doctors to prescribe it less than formerly.

While hormone therapy is no longer used to prevent disease, further clinical trials, and additional evidence have shown the value of hormone therapy for certain women.

The Two Types of Hormone Therapy

There are two types of hormone therapy: systemic hormone therapy and low-dose estrogen.

     *     Systemic hormone therapy is the most effective treatment for night sweats and hot flashes. It can also treat some of the vaginal symptoms, such as dryness. Systemic estrogen is available in various forms, including a pill, skin patch and cream.

     *     Low-dose estrogen is an effective treatment for vaginal symptoms but does not help with night sweats or hot flashes. It is available as a tablet, ring or cream.

Who Would Benefit from Hormone Therapy?

Women who are struggling with the symptoms of menopause may find that the benefits outweigh any possible risks. Hormone Therapy in Jackson MI would benefit women who:

     *     Have moderate to severe symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes;

     *     Have experienced a loss of bone mass and have not been successful with other treatments;

     *     Have had premature menopause (periods ceased before age 40);

     *     Have lost the normal function of their ovaries before they were 40.

     *     Have experienced early menopause and find that hormone therapy offers some protective benefits.

Whether or not hormone therapy is right for a particular woman is a matter to be discussed with her doctor. A woman’s age, her age at menopause and her medical history will all help to determine whether hormone therapy should be prescribed. The answer is different for everyone.

Hormone therapy is one of the treatments offered, when appropriate, by Women First Health Services. Dr. Pastoriza and the OBGYN clinic staff pride themselves on providing expert gynecological and obstetrics services to women in Grass Lake and Jackson, MI. Visit us to discover all of the health care services offered exclusively for women.

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