Tips For Packing Breakables From Movers In Durham, NC

While top professional moving companies in Durham, NC can provide experienced packing crews to wrap safely and protect all your breakable, some people would prefer to do their packing. To help ensure your breakables arrive safely, you can use the same techniques that professional movers use to box and transport all types of items.

Preparing the Box

One of the most important tips from movers is in actually preparing the box itself. Add a layer of bubble wrap to the bottom and sides of the box to create a cushion between the cardboard and the actual wrapping around the items. You can also use your towels or linens to provide a protective layer, but they won’t have the same level of protection as one or two layers of the bubble wrap as they don’t have the cushioning ability.

Never use old boxes or thin cardboard boxes for breakables. Your movers will have special thick boxes, known as a dish pack, which are thick and designed to absorb shock and prevent items from puncturing through.

If you are moving plates or glasses, talk to your movers about getting the special boxes with the dividers already in place. This is essential for valuable or collectable times of breakables. These boxes are not a big cost item, but they do provide that extra level of protection, particularly important for long distance and international moves or if the items are going to be moved into and out of storage.

Wrapping the Items

While you can use old newspapers, and many people do, remember that the newsprint will come off on the breakable items. This will require the need to clean the items at the destination to remove the ink residue.

A better option is to use unprinted paper that can be purchased from your movers or at any office supply store or even craft stores. Wrap items in several layers of the unprinted newspaper, and then wrap in bubble wrap and tape in place.

If you are trying to keep costs down, skip the layer of bubble wrap on all but the expensive or sentimental types of breakable items.

Packing the Box

Place larger items to the bottom of the box and avoid over packing or pressing down on the items. Try to keep similar shapes and sizes in the same box as much as possible, and fill in any open areas with packing peanuts, bubble wrap or scrunched up newspaper.

The biggest tip by movers in Durham, NC to ensure minimal risk of breakage is to ensure the items can’t shift in the box, eliminating possible damage should the box fall or shift in the truck.

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