Workplace Injury Attorneys in Waldorf MD Help Clients Dealing With Problematic Workers Comp Claims

Workplace injury attorneys in Waldorf MD can answer many questions people have after being injured on the job. Their workers compensation claim may have been denied and they may not know how to proceed. This occurs in many types of situations, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the insurer is trying to avoid paying on legitimate claims. Instead, the insurer may be cautious if there is not enough evidence to indicate the injury actually was connected with the job.

For example, a person who has been working with hazardous chemicals may have developed respiratory issues, headaches or other symptoms. This individual may have an instinctive feeling that the symptoms are due to those chemicals, but without verification from at least one doctor, making a claim for workers compensation can be problematic. Even if the person’s family doctor agrees that the chemicals might be a probable cause, the insurer may want the individual to get a second opinion.

A different problem may arise if the worker is terminated after beginning to receive workers compensation. Workplace injury attorneys in Waldorf MD can determine whether or not the employer acted in line with state regulations. This is not always entirely clear. An employer cannot legally fire an employee because that person was injured on the job and filed a claim. In other words, the person cannot be threatened with termination as an intimidating tactic or as retaliation for filing. However, the law does not require the company to hold the position for the employee indefinitely. The company may need to fill the position to keep the operation running smoothly.

If there is evidence that the company fired a worker only because he or she filed a claim, a lawyer may be able to help that person receive additional compensation. The lawyer needs to present evidence such as the employee being fired in less than a week after filing for workers comp. A payment for wrongful termination may be in order. An attorney such as Business Name can answer questions about this type of situation and many others. Click here to contact this particular organization.

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