The Advantages Of Copper Ionization For Pools

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Swimming Pools & Spas

Anytime you go to a public pool, or even when you enjoy a dip at your friend’s pool, you may notice a distinctive odor on your skin and your bathing suit after you get out of the pool. This is chlorine, a potentially flammable and corrosive chemical that is used to treat algae, bacteria and viruses that can thrive and grow in warm pool water.

Chlorine has literally been in use for hundreds of years, despite being a known chemical causing dry skin, irritating skin conditions and resulting in red, itchy and burning in the eyes. Chlorine, in large enough quantities, can and does kill contaminants in pools, but the side-effects of this chemical in pools and spas can be significant for those with sensitivities.

An Alternative

One relatively new option in pool or spa treatment is the use of copper ionization. This is sometimes combined with silver, to create both copper and silver ions in the water, which provide a broader control over different potential contaminants.

The use of water ionization systems is very safe and simple. The low voltage DC current is passed through electrodes in the pool return line from the filter, or sometimes before the filter, to release small positive copper ions into the water returning to the pool.

These positive ions attract the negative ions that are present in viruses and bacteria, as well as in a variety of different types of pool algae. As they create an instant bond, the contaminants in the pool are bound to the positive ions, creating larger yet still undetectable clumps. When these clumps go through the pool filter, they are trapped and held, removing them from the water of the pool without the need for large amounts of chlorine or other pool treatment chemicals.

Copper and Silver

With silver and copper ionization, there is absolutely no risk to anyone swimming in the water. Additionally, the chlorine only needs to be used in very limited amounts when there are a large number of people in the pool or when there is excessive rain or very hot weather with a combination of the above factors.

With the use of copper ionization and silver ionization, the operation of the pool on a yearly basis will actually be at a lower cost. Not only will you avoid the need for chlorine, but you can also eliminate all the extra testing and supplies needed to correctly use the chlorine tablets or bromine as well as shock the pool as needed.

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