Wildlife Control in Columbus, OH: Tips For Dealing With A Black Bear

Black bears are usually afraid of people and stay as far away from residential sections as they can. However, they do tend to wander and sometimes end up in people’s trees, backyards, and sometimes even your garage, if that is where you keep your trashcans. It is possible that you will run across a black bear every now and then. The best thing to do is slowly go back into your home and call in Wildlife control in Columbus OH to come relocate the bear for you. However, if that is not possible, here are some tips to follow until animal control can get there.

Remain Calm

The most important thing to do when facing a black bear is to remain calm. This might not be easy to do when faced with something that outweighs you by 400 pounds and has claws that can rip you in half, however, this is the most important step to remember, and any animal control professional will tell you so.

Back Away Slowly

If the bear does not realize that you are there, you need to back away slowly, return to your home, and call Wildlife control in Columbus OH right away.

Avoid Eye Contact

If the bear is aware of your presence, do not run. The bear will give chase if you do and it can end up being an ugly scene. While most black bears do not attack pets, children, or adults, they will attack you to defend themselves or their cubs. Avoiding eye contact with the animal, giving it the space it needs to run. Again, back away slowly and call Wildlife control in Columbus OH as soon as possible. Visit Wildlife Control Company for more information.

Raise Your Hands Above Your Head

If the black bear does start moving towards you, you will need to raise your hands over your head to make yourself look bigger to the animal. Clap your hands or yell loudly, in hopes of scaring the bear away.

Very few black bears want to hurt someone and they are as scared of you as you are of them. If you run across a black bear in your yard, you should follow the tips above and then head inside. Call the wildlife control experts in your area, so they can relocate the bear safely.

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