Why You Should Visit an Urgent Care Clinic in NJ More Often

The concept of urgent care clinics is relatively new. Unsurprisingly, many people are not aware how an Urgent Care Clinic in NJ works, or even its benefits. Urgent care clinics were originally meant to ease the pressure on emergency rooms. This would then allow emergency rooms to only deal with patients with life-threatening conditions that needed immediate attention. Over time, they have gained popularity both among people with primary care physicians and those who do not have a provider. This is because of these advantages they have over primary care facilities:

You Don’t Need Appointment
When seeking treatment from primary care facilities, you need appointment with the physician. However, this is not the case in urgent care facilities. You get medical attention any time you visit the facilities without any appointment. This makes them particularly suitable to handle your non-emergent health problems.

Extended Timing
Another advantage they have over normal primary care facilities is the extended timing. Primary care clinics generally open during normal business hours. Urgent care clinics remain open past 5 (the closing time for primary care facilities). Their closing hours vary but it is generally around 9pm. In addition, they open even during holidays and weekends. These extended timing means that you can always visit them any time of the day before 9pm for all the days of the year.

Less Expensive
Compared to emergency rooms, urgent care clinics charge less. For the same diagnosis, they charge around $200 less than hospital emergency rooms. This means that visiting these clinics saves you money. In addition, insurance companies cover for your medical costs incurred at Urgent Care clinics just like in primary care clinics.

In any given area, the number of urgent care facilities is usually higher than that of hospitals. As a result of this, they are more easily accessible. This is very convenient since you do not waste time trying to find one. This is particularly important for cases like sudden illnesses and accidents where quick medical attention is critical.

These advantages do not necessarily mean that you should completely do away with your primary care physician. In fact, they complement each other. However, more often use of Urgent Care Clinic in NJ like My InstaDoc Urgent Care will definitely save you more time and money.

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