Clinics Offering Urgent Care in Middlesex County NJ Are Important Healthcare Providers in the Community

What does a clinic for Urgent Care in Middlesex County NJ focus on? It provides prompt service to patients who need to see a health care practitioner the same day, but are not experiencing a severe or life-threatening emergency situation. This clinic may be connected with a medical center providing scheduled health care service or a hospital with various departments. One main benefit of the urgent care facility is its ability to accept walk-in patients or to schedule appointments within an hour or two of a phone call. Another advantage is the longer hours offered compared with a standard medical clinic. Some are open very early in the morning or into the evening, for example. Others are open on Saturday and Sunday, offering professional care for patients who need help on the weekend.

This type of clinic has at least one medical doctor or osteopathic doctor overseeing the rest of the staff, which may include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are qualified to diagnose illnesses and injuries and to provide treatment, including prescription medication. They help fill the gap when an area has a shortage of family doctors, a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the country. Even if a doctor is not available at some point in the schedule, another practitioner can write a prescription for antibiotics, prescription cough medicine, or other medication.

Urgent Care in Middlesex County NJ has become an important service for the community. Not only does it allow patients to see a doctor or other qualified medical professional at convenient times, it diverts non-emergency cases away from hospital emergency rooms. That allows emergency personnel to concentrate on more severe health issues. In addition, patients who would normally have to wait for a diagnosis and treatment at an emergency room can be seen quickly at a clinic such as My InstaDoc Urgent Care of Monroe. An emergency room can be overwhelmed with patients who must be cared for immediately, such as people who have been in a vehicle collision and patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. Everyone else has to wait.

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