Why You Should Outsource Order Fulfillment Services

When a business grows, the demand for greater warehouse space, additional employees, an exact order processing and fulfillment process is required. As a business starts to gain momentum, this is the time to look for a third party logistics partner to outsource their fulfillment needs. Third party logistics companies specialize in inventory management and shipping and packaging for your company. In general, order fulfillment services refer to the process of receiving, processing, and delivering orders to end customers. It doesn’t matter whether a business is large or small, their job is to get their orders direct to the consumer. Companies need to focus on growing their sales and there is no better method than to use outsourced order fulfillment services. These providers will simply take your orders, pack and ship them to your customers in the way you define, with the carrier of your choice.

Bottom-line Order Fulfillment Benefits

Partnering with order fulfillment services has many benefits and can provide the peace of mind needed to guide your business. Some of the benefits of outsourcing your order fulfillment involve shipping and investment, as well as:

• Lowering shipping costs – order fulfillment services can negotiate better rates with carriers.

• Scale your orders to match your company’s growth

• No warehouse maintenance – which involves employees, software, vehicles, insurance, security, leasing and more

• You receive concise automated reports and tracking status of all shipments

• You can enter new national and international markets with minimal investment

• Key point of contact for all storage and shipping

For all businesses, the more obvious benefit of order fulfillment services is the elimination of storage and shipping hassles. Not only does this process, free up company time and resources, but it allows your company’s bottom-line to be spent on sales, marketing and various opportunities for continued growth and investment.

Basic Order Fulfillment Benefits

When you choose the right order fulfillment and warehousing company, your benefits include:

• 24/7 Visibility via Your Client Portal

• Custom-Designed Storage Plan

• Daily Storage Rates

• Pallet or Pick-Face Storage

• Stretch Wrap and Labeling

• Dedicated Pallet Locations

• Fire and Theft Monitors

• Cycle Counts Upon Request

• Options for Special Storage (e.g., size or climate needs)

• Service-Oriented Team of Logistics Professionals

• Personal Account Manager

Order fulfillment providers use innovative merchandising platforms, which are designed around a company’s multi-channel operations. No matter whether you sell clothing, pet supplies, tools, and/or personal care, order fulfillment service providers can manage top quality orders from beginning to end, from receiving to shipping, and everything in between.

ELITE OPS is one of the leading companies in offering personal attention, art technology, and order fulfillment automation. Their reputation is based on 20 years of order fulfillment and working with hundreds of growing businesses.

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