Important Information when Looking for Commercial Security Alarm Systems

If you’re thinking about a security alarm or a security system for your business, you might think about using residential security systems to monitor your business. While the premise of Commercial Security Alarm systems are similar to those used in residential applications, there are some distinct differences. If you’re looking to outfit your business facility with this type of alarm system, here are a few things you want to keep in mind.

The fact is that the entire system for a commercial application is different from the ground up. For example, most cameras that are used to monitor different areas of the business are much larger than what you would find in a residential setting. Thankfully, resolution on the small cameras as well as large cameras are usually quite good, which is becoming more of a factor in modern-day comprehensive security alarm systems.

Another difference is that the recording devices used for commercial security systems are usually compatible with central monitoring software. What this does is allow & multiple cameras to be viewed in the same location. Usually, there is a security room within a business facility that houses monitors where all the camera feeds can be viewed by security personnel. This typically doesn’t happen with your average home system.

With commercial security systems, the wiring is often quite different. Most commercial units use coaxial cable to connect cameras to the central monitoring location. One of the reasons why is because these cables are extremely durable, which is important when you find many cameras being placed outdoors. Secondly, this type of cable offers very little signal degradation, even if there is a longer run cable from a remote monitoring camera to the central monitoring station.

There are many other things that separate residential and Commercial Security Alarm Systems. If you need to know more about these systems and if you’re looking to outfit your existing business with a new or updated security system, the Easy Living Store is your best resource. Not only do they offer a wide range of security systems and accessories, they can answer any of the questions you have about the security needs for your business.


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