Why You Should Get Auto Detailing in Baltimore

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Automotive

Many people are either unsure of what car detailing is or think that it’s just something done by rich people with expensive cars. The truth is that Auto Detailing in Baltimore is an affordable process that benefits your car in many ways.

What Detailing Is

Detailing is putting a car through a “super cleaning” procedure that results in its appearance looking very close to when you first drove it off the dealer’s lot. Even if you’re the type of owner who visits the local car wash regularly, it’s not enough to prevent damage. A professional detailing job will take care of certain issues that can only be addressed with the advanced equipment and cleaning agents that pro detailers have at their disposal.

Why You Should Detail Your Car

Car washes use harsh chemicals as cleaning agents to cover the diverse types of vehicles they clean. Doing so is cost-effective for the car wash companies, but these chemicals can cause damage to your car’s exterior with repeated exposure over time.

Another enemy of your car’s appearance is exposure to the elements. Repeated exposure to sunlight will fade, crack and peel your paint. Darker colors are especially hard hit. Even modern cars with clear coat paints are affected by sunlight.

Benefits of Detailing

The most practical benefit of detailing is the enhanced appearance of your car. If you’re a person who likes having your car look great, then nothing can beat a regular visit to a detailer. Financially, though, the most important benefit is that a good detailing job can increase the resale value of your car by several hundreds of dollars.

The Detailing Process

A typical paint detailing process will start out with a thorough wash to remove all dirt and debris. Detailing clay is then used to remove all remaining embedded dirt. Compounding uses abrasive mixtures applied with a buffer to grind off the surface layers of damaged or dull paint. Remaining swirls are eliminated with a swirl remover and finishing polish. Finally, the car is glazed, which will smooth the surface and fill in any remaining swirl marks and scratches, and waxed to complete the process.

Now that the process and benefits of Auto Detailing in Baltimore has been explained, if you think that you’d like to professionally detail your vehicle you should check out Diamond Detail.





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