Why There Is a Demand for Products from Farms that Grow 100% Kona Coffee in Kona

Although worldwide growers offer dozens of excellent coffee products, true gourmets often settle only for Kona. Grown in Hawaii, it is a unique product that is rarely found at local grocers. Nevertheless, true fans are more than happy to pay the going price for products from suppliers who grow 100% Kona Coffee in Kona. In fact, many customers are so hooked on their favorite java that they ensure a steady supply by shopping online with Hawaiian suppliers like Mulvadi Corporation.

The Story Behind Kona Coffee

The 600 small farms that produce 100% Kona Coffee in Kona harvest it from trees growing on volcanic slopes. The dark, rich soil is one thing that gives the coffee its distinctive flavor. The trees only grow in the ideal climate of the region. It provides a unique combination of water, soil, and sun. Farmers hand pick ripe berries, called cherries, from August to January. Harvesting and processing coffee cherries is a painstaking process. The cherry flesh is then pulped, fermented and washed. Beans are usually sun-dried and then machine milled.

Why Kona Coffee Is Considered Special

The fact that Kona coffee can only grow in certain climates limits the amount that is produced. The meticulous process used to convert ripe coffee cherries into beans also limits production. These two factors alone make it rare and more valuable than most coffee. However, it is most prized for its unusually clear, mild taste. Kona also produces a deep, rich aroma. Fortunately, businesses like Mulvadi make it simple to buy 100% Kona coffee and blends on their website. When customers Visit the Website, they can find coffee in forms like the whole bean, ground, and even freeze-dried sticks.

Coffee Sellers Offer Other Island Products

Customers can also buy other Hawaiian goods on a coffee seller’s site. For example, they offer Hawaiian nuts, pancake mixes, honey, and spices. Clients can also order Ka’u and Peaberry coffee.

Kona coffee lovers who want to ensure a constant supply of the rich, flavorful beverage often buy from Hawaiian sellers. These businesses are based in Hawaii and often have websites where they sell a range of high-quality products as well as Kona coffee.

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