When Installing Quartz Countertops, Will You Choose a Professional Or DIY?

There are some jobs within the home that could be completed by a skilled DIY enthusiast, while others should certainly be left to professional experts. While installing a kitchen is not necessarily beyond the better DIY devotee, fitting quartz countertops in Minneapolis are one task usually left to individuals who complete this task every day of their working lives. One small error may become fatal and the entire cost of the countertop may become lost.

Begin by Considering the Weight

Professional installers will understand the colossal weight of quartz countertops in Minneapolis. They will all require more than one strong person to carry, cut and install.

One important point to note for any DIY enthusiasts, is that quartz countertops in Minneapolis can be cut down from their original size, but if your measurements are faulty, you cannot add a piece back to the original stone.

Fortunately, quartz is not a fragile stone, so any damage in moving your countertop is most likely to be afflicted upon the people doing the carrying or to other areas of your kitchen.

Consider the Cabinet Under the Countertop

The quartz engineered stone must sit on cabinets that can receive the weight and remain tremendously strong. The weight of the countertops is not going to decrease over time, so it is important that you use solid wood construction to hold the cabinets and not cheap imitation wood that may eventually fail through damp and lack of quality.

Do you have the tools?

Most DIY individuals will not usually own a high-quality wet saw to be able to cut the quartz countertop, but you may be able to hire one locally. The same enthusiasts will probably not own equipment to be able to polish the quartz sufficiently, so it is probably better to include the cost of installation within your purchase budget to ensure that the job is carried out efficiently and effectively.

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