Why There Are No Rocky Mountain National Park Hotels

Rocky Mountain National Park Hotels, as any travel expert can tell you, are non-existent. While you may camp at Rocky Mountain or Mesa Verde National Park, you cannot rent a room or suite in a hotel on site. This would defeat the purpose of a National Park in many ways. It is also not a policy of the governments and agencies of those who operate the Parks to be hoteliers.

Are Hotels Are on Site

In a few National Parks around the world, hotels on site do exist. In general, however, they are on the periphery. They are just outside the gates or in villages, town and cities nearby. For example, if you want to stay near Rocky Mountain National Park, hotels are available in Estes and Grand Lake. The latter is a major gateway to the Mountains and you can actually walk to the entry from many local accommodations. The same applies to other National Parks in Rocky Mountain.

Why Not Permit Rocky Mountain National Park Hotels?

While hotels are not permitted, other types of lodging have been. Ranches, dude ranches and camping sites are examples of current and former park accommodation. Today, while camping, including RVs, remains, hotels, cabins, ranches and similar types are not permitted. This results from a philosophy that many hotel companies refer to as a “hotel allergy.” Yet, it persists as National Parks and their keepers keep parks free from hotels. They cite two major reasons:

1. Ecologically sensitive areas would be disturbed
2. Having hotels on site would creating a loss in the Park’s biodiversity

There is also some question whether hotels in such ecologically sensitive areas would act responsible. Although a partnership with an hotelier might prove to be profitable for the Park and the government agencies that operate it, it may reduce the innate attractions of the Park. Private proponents of Rocky Mountain National Park Hotels, however, insist they advocate responsible tourism and this school of thought is woefully antiquated.

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