Why Spiral Hard Covers are Ideal for a Restaurant Environment

In a restaurant environment, it’s often almost impossible to keep your menus from being spoiled, spilled on or needing to be replaced. And while the cost of replacing a single menu is negligible, having to reprint and replace hundreds or thousands of menus a year can become quite costly.

This is why hard cover menus are a great choice, as they are not only cost effective, but also offer benefits like longer lasting durability and resistance to spills and stains.

Manageable as a Menu
Although many people think that any type of book, pamphlet or even folder can be used as a menu, the spiral bound style caters to restaurant needs best. With typical books the reader has to hold the page open in order to keep reading, and while hard spines may look good, they cause an open menu to take up a lot of space.

With spiral style menus, pages can be turned all the way around and folded behind. This allows the reader to simply open to a page and put the book down without it automatically flipping closed, and also takes up less space when folded as such. This makes spiral hard covers ideal for a restaurant environment, whether your customers are sitting at small café tables or are enjoying a feast with the whole family.

Durable, Light and Easy to Laminate
Another reason why the spiral style covers are ideal for a restaurant environment is that they can be designed with durability in mind. Typical spine binding is usually heavier than spiral binds, since more paper is used and the spine needs to be made sturdy. With a spiral bind, however, each page is connected to the rings on the plastic or light metal spiral. This naturally reduces the weight since fewer materials are used, making the pages more durable in situations where the weight is resting on the corner.

Each page can also be easily laminated before being bound, protecting the paper from sauces, spills or other restaurant mess. This gives it a far longer lifespan than paper, and can actually end up saving you a lot on replacing or reprinting menus.

Spiral style menus are truly a great solution for the chaotic restaurant environment. From durability to easy use, it not only benefits you as a restaurant owner or manager, but also ensures that dirty or unwieldy menus never taint your restaurant’s image.

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