Smart Tips for A No-Sweat Urethane Floor Installation

If you are planning to renovate an office or industrial space, then urethane is one of the best floor coating options available in the market today. It is resistant to corrosion and has a smooth, durable finish. But, before you start with your floor installation, check out these smart tips to get the best results.

Prepare and Evaluate the Surface

Surface preparation is the most important step during the installation. Clean and dry the surface, and make sure that no other foreign objects or materials are present. Also, remember to roughen the floor as it will allow the urethane coating to bond more with the surface.

Know the Difference Between Water and Oil- based Polyurethanes

Various urethane systems are available nowadays, and they are divided into two types. One is the water-based polyurethane, which has a lighter shade and thinner coats. It also dries quickly and is easy to clean-up, but has a shorter lifespan. The oil-based polyurethane, which has thicker coats and dries slowly, is less expensive and lasts longer.

Prevent Bubbles From Forming

The air sealing provided by urethane is effective in reducing heat loss and it is the best option when compared to traditional insulation methods. The system seals air, and it is effective when used. You can also sculpt the foam to the design you like. To prevent bubbles from forming, proper brushing technique is essential.

Be sure to apply the coating in smooth and careful strokes since quick motions tend to produce bubbles. Another point to remember is just to stir and never shake the cans. If case bubbles do form, lightly brush over your coat again before the surface dries.

Apply Additional Coating

For a better finish, Chris Baylor from About website suggests applying additional coats once the first layer gets cured after 48 hours. It is done to make sure both layers bond correctly.

Take Your Time

Installing floors should be fun and not stressful, so don’t be too hard on yourself because of occasional drips and uneven coats. Remove the drips and sand the surface for an even finish. To smooth out rough surfaces, you may apply an automotive polishing compound.

When installing floors for commercial or industrial uses, choose a system that offers nothing less than the best. Follow the above five simple tips and make the most out of using urethane for your flooring needs.

Urethane offers great flexibility, letting it withstand harsh environments. Dex-O-Tex provides an extensive range of urethane flooring solutions.

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